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Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) work under the strict supervision of a registered nurse, a licensed medical doctor and other licensed healthcare professionals. In order to succeed in this field, there are various traits a person should posses. These traits will ensure that the CNA's duties are performed effectively and compassionately.

One of the traits of highly effective certified nursing assistants is being proactive. They need to find solutions using their initiative and resourcefulness, instead of just reporting problems and waiting for someone to solve them.

Apart from that, they should also know how to balance their priorities when it comes to medical needs and non-medical wants of their patients. They know how to determine when a patient truly needs tender-loving-care.They should know how to listen to their patients and their supervisors. They should communicate with people effectively so they can be understood easily. This is especially important during an emergency situation.

Becoming a CNA

There are classes being offered to train as a potential nursing assistant and be certified in this field. In order to get certification, attending classes and undergoing training is mandatory in most states. Furthermore,certification is a requirement to work in this field.

CNA classes are offered in: community colleges, private colleges and universities, medical training centers and online schools. They provide coursework and training that can help you fulfill the state requirement to work as a nursing assistant and pass the certification examination.

Most of these academic institutions offer the following courses::

  • Body mechanics
  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Nutrition
  • Infection control
  • Communication skills
  • Resident rights
  • Personal care skills

Depending on which state you want to work in, you may complete a formal training program for psychiatric aides.

If you want to work in nursing care facilities, you should satisfy the following requirements:

  • Complete a 75-hour state-approved training
  • Passed competency evaluation

Additional requirements may also apply but they do vary by state. To be sure about the requirements of your State, you should contact the State Board for applicable requirements.

Training Classes

Begin Your CNA Career

CNA classes can last anywhere from several weeks to several months. The CNA training program offering classes that prepare you for the certification examination may last more than 2 months. However, some classes may last longer than that.

If you are seeking licensure, classes can take anywhere from 12 months to 18 months.

Online classes

You may also opt to attend online classes to complete your CNA training program. An online CNA training offers almost the same coursework as a traditional classroom set-up.

One of the benefits of attending online classes is that you can complete the required number of hours of training while at home. You can also learn in your own time.

When considering attending an online class, you should research well the school you intend to attend. You should familiarize yourself with the best school that offers the best program that can adequately prepare you for the certification examination. You should only attend online schools that are authorized to provide accredited training programs.

Online CNA training programs curriculum

Theory. This is the first part of the online training program. It is easy to complete as it only takes a few weeks.

Clinical work. This includes obtaining hands-on experience from various medical facilities. It allows you to apply what you have learned and hone your skills to become an effective nursing assistant.

Make sure that the CNA training programs you want to take can offer you the adequate training as this is imperative for you to gain employment.

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Certified Nursing Assistant Salary

The CNA sector continues to work despite the current economic situation. The average cna salary for entry level jobs is around $24,000 per yeas. See CNA Salaries for more information.